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Adriano Cordisco - Materials Engineering

Adriano Cordisco
Materials Engineering

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At his last year of materials Engineering, and with a background of Chemical Engineering, Adriano can explain in details the chemistry behind every mechanical or industrial process.

Moreover his great talent in graphics, tipography and visual art have the power to create incredibly clear presentations.

Tommaso D'angelo - Law

Tommaso D’angelo

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Currently at his last year of Law University, Tommaso never left an occasion to put in practise his learnings, partecipating to seminars and trial simulations in commercial law.

He cunducted also research on the legal aspects of the mobility of the future, focusing on civil liability by autonomous vehicles circulation.

Federico De Pietri - Vehicle Engineering

Federico De Pietri
Vehicle Engineering

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At his Last year of Vehicle Engineering, Federico knows perfectly everything about Mechanics: Having studied in an Industrial and Technical institute before the Degree Course in Engineering, not only he can design, but he can also handle most of the mechanical production processes.

This skills reveal to be really precious in the development phase.

Marco Di Mola - Vehicle Engineering

Marco Di Mola
Vehicle Engineering

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Currently at his last year of Vehicle Engineering, Marco has been 3 years in Parma Formula Student Team, 2 as Head of suspension Departement, and one as Technical Director for the whole car, improving teamwork and leadership skills.

Started his first business at the age of 21, opening a B&B in the city of Parma, and from here on went on improving his business development skills in many projects.

Gabriele Rebecchi - Electronic Engineering

Gabriele Rebecchi
Electronic Engineering

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At his last year of Electronic Engineering, Gabriele has all the knowledge required to design and develope all the electronics requirede to make things real. His experience in coding and production of PLAs and controllers lets him come out from the hard problems in the best way.

Martina Salvati - International Management

Martina Salvati
International Management

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At her last year of international management, when it comes to Business planning, marketing and strategies, Martina is one of the bests of the field. Her knowledge in innovation strategies and communication approaches are precious for the life of a business.

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