The Project

ReFuel Solutions is a start-up with a mobility vision based on the concept of the biofuel potential that is totally exploited by an innovative conversion kit for diesel vehicles.

Therefore, our technology promotes a circular-economy and an ecological approach, where used cooking oils and agricultural waste replace petroleum-based fuels.

The Advantages from this application are really relevant:

Great reduction in pollution: Biodiesel tents to zero CO2 emission. In addiction, the release of unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and particulate (PM) are reduced (more than 40%), in different proportion according to the origin of the biodiesel.

New value for vehicles: Such low emissions allow EURO 4 vehicles to keep running. This means they can unleash all their potential and be scrapped only when really old. Biodiesel is also cheaper than classic fuels, expecially if its km 0 wasted materials are used.

Social: The usage of biodiesel fuel produced by wasted oil allows the creation of a circular economy which lead to a positive impact on the local economy. The usage of biodiesel allows a circular economy that exploits waste (supposedly a trouble) to produce fuel, influencing positively the local economy.

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